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How YOU Could Be the Next YouTube Beauty Influencer

How YOU Could Be the Next YouTube Beauty Influencer

Remember when you had to flip through a magazine or catch backstage specials during fashion week to get your fix of expert makeup and hair tips? The internet has completely revolutionized the way we get our beauty inspiration, and YouTube’s top beauty influencers are at the forefront of it all.

Have you ever daydreamed about being a YouTube beauty star? Maybe you’ve imagined flipping on your webcam and busting out a step-by-step of this season’s sultry smoky eye as thousands of fans excitedly comment and share and sponsorship opportunities pop up in your inbox. Sounds amazing, right?

The truth is, anyone could be the next top-paid YouTube beauty sensation. Yes, that includes you.

According to recently polled results from WWD, the highest ranking self-made beauty celeb of last year is one of the most humble, down-to-earth makeup-addicts on the scene.

Her name is Nicole Guerriero, and one look at her overwhelmingly supportive, positive comments section will shed some light on the empire of adoration she’s built over the past half-decade. So what’s her secret sauce? Turns out, it’s a solid foundation of beauty knowledge, paired with a healthy dose ofhumility. She admits it when she doesn’t know the name of a hairstyle and that her on-camera speaking skills are a work in progress.

While her makeup tutorials (viewed by over 2.5 million beauty addicts) are often inspired by celebs, her own personality shines through. Watching her videos feels a lot like hanging with your beauty-expert BFF.

Are you nodding your head right now thinking, “I could do that!”?

Another internet prodigy is the adorable beauty vlogger Kathleen Fuentes who goes by the moniker Kathleen Lights. She showcases everything from high-impact gala makeup to minimal no-makeup-makeup looks on her channel, boasting over two million subscribers.

A less conventional influencer with a ton of creativity happening on her end of the YouTube game, Nikkie Tutorials showcases artistic renditions of fun socially current makeup trends, such as her makeup series inspired by Snapchat filters. Determined to be more than a YouTube sensation, she enrolled in several legitimate beauty and hair courses to learn the in-and-outs of the industry so she could transition into a credential-carrying professional makeup artist, proving that the only “right” path to success is the one you design for yourself.

Inspired yet? Don’t forget vlogger LustreLux who took her love of cosmetics and turned it into a full time career, or pastel-haired Samantha Ravndahl, whose makeup and hair is so eye candy-esque, it’s hard not to click the next video!

So how can an aspiring MUA like you get a head start on becoming the next globally known beauty influencer?

You could simply start filming like many of these girls did, endure years of trial-and-error and film amateur makeup tutorials until you begin to mimic the style of the pros... or, you could leave nothing to chance and enroll in beauty school, today.

Attending a certified beauty school in your area will teach you more than just how to look pretty on camera. You’re learn essential techniques, industry secrets, and business skills to help you flourish as an artist.

Imagine having a client portfolio, network of beauty school alumni peers, and fans of your work before you even launch that first YouTube video! You would have a major advantage and some incredibly valuable knowledge to share. Above all, you’ll be a professional voice in the industry that your viewers can trust.

With that kind of clout, who needs publicity stunts to stand out in the crowd?

Start your dream career today by enrolling in beauty school. We’ll help you find a program near you.

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