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Beauty Influencer of the Month – Stephanie Brinkerhoff

Stephanie Brinkerhoff started her career by working as a bridal hair specialist while attending cosmetology school at Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design in Layton, UT. She currently travels around the world as a personal up-styling educator, wedding hairstylist, and make up artist.

With the help of social media, the hairdressing industry changed. You no longer had to go to a salon for hair inspiration, now it was all in the palm of your hand. When it comes to the hairdressing business, Brinkerhoff has mastered the art of social media and has used this to her advantage when sharing her hair and beauty skills with the world; or maybe not with the whole world, but with her 130K Instagram followers, 485K Facebook fans, 5.3 million pinners, and the thousands of people that visit her website hairandmakeupbysteph.com.

While she attended cosmetology school, her original take on bridal hair has influenced the bridal industry greatly. Rather than perfectly curled intricate up-do’s, she focuses on giving brides a modern yet fresh look by creating loose, perfectly imperfect hair styles. We’ve seen messy buns in our every day lives, but what about on a bride? Sophisticated messy hair is her specialty, making brides look like they woke up like this.

But before Stephanie Brinkerhoff became what she is now, she was only a sixth grader when she discovered her love for hair and beauty. She turned that love into a career by attending cosmetology school, and using what she had learned at school and what she taught herself to create her brand. She now gives back by giving her own workshops and classes to teach others how to do what she does and follow their passion as well.

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